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Kathryn Eckstein, top bar consultant and mom of one has one of the coolest jobs around. A mixologist and bar tender by night and a hands on mom by day. Kathryn tells us how she shakes and stirs it all together. Please state your job description. Bar Consultant, Mixologist, Bartender and Mom.

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With the launch of her new venture wheretwofindme.com, designer Rosanna Ocampo- Rodriguez expands her fashion horizon. The online shop features resort ware that she and partner Marielle Santos-Po source from their travels. A lover of the ocean and all things fashionable, Rosanna is, above all things a devoted mother of

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Meet Becky van Ommen, half Nepalese half Dutch, Philippine-raised mom of one. Becky is the Founder & Creative Director of The Paper Boat Creative, an advertising company based in London. How did you get into this line of work? Please share some of the work you have done? I've always been creating imagery since I was

Juana Raising Stars Celebrity

Love Capulong has a unique job. Aside from being a loving wife to Ed and doting mother to Isabella, she is a talent manager in Star Magic and handles some of the brightest stars today. She handles the likes of Vina Morales, Erich Gonzales, Daniel Matsunaga, Joseph Marco, Erik Santos and


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Many associate those in their 50s and above to be slowing down in life. This mindset hinders them from doing the many things they still can achieve--exploring a new country? Learning a new hobby or sport? When it comes to experiencing “firsts,” millennials and their adventurous spirit usually comes to

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There are certain things that little boys can learn at a young age that will never get old. In fact, this will set them apart. These are things that can be taught to a child from a young age and stand the test of time. Seeing a little boy practice

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Finding the perfect lipstick has always been a toss up for me. If its rich and full of color, it tends to dry out your lips. If its glossy and has less color, it wipes away quickly. A long time ago, a make up artist told me to always put


If you are like most moms who use a bottle to supplement feeding, you will find that babies and toddlers take extreme comfort in their bottles. However, there comes a time when its unsightly for a child to still be using a bottle- but how to make them give it



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